Friday, May 14, 2010

Older projects

Ok, I finally have some time to continue blogging with my next post.
The next few pictures are some of my older jewelry projects. Unfortunately I haven't had any time to make new jewelery since Christmas. But I will make some time soon when the school break starts.

These were a Christmas present for my boyfriends sister Anna. These are probably one of my favourite earrings I have ever made. Although they were really easy to make it was fun to make them and the result was nice and girly. The perfect pair to wear with a cute skirt :)

I used some red glass pearls and a lot of wire for making these. Fun and time consuming ;D

The inspiration of making these came from an Estonian chef-model-fashion icon Anni Arro. These are SO simple but at the same time quite showy.

These earrings were really fun to make because it was all about the randomness of the wire and the colour of the pearls. The white cubes are glass and the green ones are swarovski.

This post came out quite dry and not so interesting but I hope that when I get to posting about the newer stuff it will be more interesting and passionate  :))

But now... good night.

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