Monday, March 10, 2014

Super Chunky Knitted Pillow

So I'm trying to get all these posts done that have been postponed so many times that it's been already months since I actually created these things ;P. Well what can you do when life gets in the way :))
One of those things is this super-duper-mega-üper-(insert some other extreme adjective here)-chunky knitted pillow(case) I made.
I got some really chunky yard from my mum and decided to make a pillow out of it.
The design is actually really easy and I didn't follow any particular pattern. I just knew that I wanted there to be knitted cables in various sizes on it. And that's basically what I created.

I tried to make a printable pattern if anybody would happen to be interested. Since this is the first time I've done this it might not be perfect but I tried my best to make it clear :)) I knitted a piece that was approximately 30 cm wide and 95 cm long repeating this pattern.

Then I folded the piece lengthwise so that the ends would overlap approximately 5cm at the top. I sewed the sides together using instructions from this tutorial on YouTube. After that i sewed on the buttons, inserted the pillow and that's it :))

It was a pretty quick project to make since the yarn was so thick and the needles were also huge (10mm ones). The only problem right now is that the buttons are too small for the button holes because I used the biggest buttons I had lying around which clearly weren't big enough since the buttons keep slipping open ;P I should really get some bigger buttons... I probably some point...if I remember ;P


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thread Graphics

This was my first try at thread graphics
It's been ages since I last posted something, but that doesn't mean that i haven't been doing/making a lot of things ;D. I just haven't had the time (or energy) to write about all the stuff I have been up to. I will try to do my best though to write about these things now that we have moved and had some time to settle in (we finally got our sofa about a week ago..jeee!!)
So the past autumn I had the need to explore new grounds, so I tried out pottery (I'll have a post about this up soon), dancing (I loved it so much that after moving to Finland, one of the first things I did was signing up for a contemporary dance class ;D) and I also had a chance to try out thread graphics (Thanks to my friends ♥ , who gave me an awesome birthday gift!).
I have to admit I wasn't sure what thread graphics was before reading the description of the class. It turned out to be quite a bit of fun and I immediately got a lot of ideas what to do with the technique.
I would say that thread graphics is basically a type of embroidery that combines math and geometrical shapes with embroidery. It is most commonly used in paper crafts for making unique looking cards or other decorative things (like seating cards or menus etc). But it can also be used for making jewellery or even Christmas decorations.

I also made some earrings with the technique

All in all I really enjoyed learning this new technique and was surprised how quick and simple it actually is to make something with this technique. I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of this technique in the future.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Easy DIY Ruffle Pillow

Christmas came and left and so did New Years Eve... I can't believe it's the year I turn 25 already ;P
We are also kind of in the middle of moving right now so the last few weeks have been quite an exciting and busy time for me and my little family :) Luckily i have had this post waiting or some time so I can publish it now :))
Do you remember the post about the duvet cover I made? Well anyways I had some leftover ruffles and of course I couldn't just dismiss them and throw them away. So I decided to make a little ruffle pillow. And I even took pictures of the process (for once!) ;D so I can share it with you and try my best to explain all the steps.

First cut out the pieces, for my pillowcase I cut out a square that was 40cm x 40cm and two pieces that were 40cm x 30cm. I used these measurements just because I already had a pillow and those were the measurements that I thought would suit best. You can always alter the measurements according to your needs.

Turn back the edge twice on each of the smaller pieces of fabric, so you will have a "clean" edge. This will be the opening for inserting the pillow. Pin first and then stitch to place.

Then take your ruffles (if you don't have leftover ruffles like I did, you can always make some and then come back to this step) and arrange them on the larger piece of fabric (40cm x 40cm) in a way that pleases you. I just arranged them in (relatively :P) straight rows and pinned them down.

After pinning go in with your sewing machine and stitch them in place (instead of a sewing machine you could do this whole project by hand, it will just take you more time to finish but it is absolutely doable if you don't own a sewing machine or are not familiar with using one).

After sewing on the ruffles it's time to assemble the pillowcase. Lay the larger piece down so that the ruffles are facing up (right side up). Then lay one of the smaller pieces so that the "raw" edges are lining with the larger pieces edges on one side and the other smaller piece so that the edges are lining on the other side (as seen in the picture below). Both of these pieces have to be laid down so that the wrong side is facing up.

Pin the pieces to place and then sew all of the sides together.

Now the last step would be cutting off the corners as shown on the picture below. This step is not necessary but it makes it easier to push out the corners after you have turned the pillow case right side out. After you have turned the pillow case right side out, insert your pillow and...

Voilá! You have yourself a cute ruffly pillow :))

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I hope you have an amazing day, at least I'm loving it because we finally got snow yesterday!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Pine Cones Dipped in Glitter

My niece-in-law and I went to gather some  pine cones a while ago and some days ago I decided to glam up the pine cones with some glitter to make them a bit more festive.

For some of the cones I used some leftovers of a gold and a silver glitter. I just brushed on some glue and then sprinkled on the glitter.

But as I said those two (very very pretty glitters) were only leftovers from some previous projects so for the rest I just used some golden glitter glue I had and although the glue isn't as sparkly as the leftovers I had, it did the job well enough.
It took a while (approx 1,5 hours) to coat all of the pine cones with the glitter and I also let them dry over night just to be sure the glue has dried properly.

You can use these pine cones to make a garland, or decorate your candle holders or just arrange them in a vase or glass jar and put those on the windowsill.

It looks really pretty and oooh I love the sparkle, especially in candle light. It's a pity that the pictures don't do the glitter justice, it really does sparkle a lot and looks so-soooo beautiful :))

Hopefully I will get at least one more post up before it's Christmas. I can't believe it's just over a week until it's Christmas Eve, I'm so excited!


PS! Be aware of fire safety if you are using pine cones as decorations around candles. They are very flammable.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Glass Jars and Sparkly Glitter

I wanted to make some candle holders with numbers on them for each of the Advents.
And the easiest way I could think of was to take some random glass jars I had in my collection (yes, I do have a collection of empty jars ;D), some basic paper glue and glitter (I chose red just because I love the colour and I thought it would stand out the most).


I used a small brush to make the shape of the numbers with the glue and a fluffy brush to dip it in the glitter and then tap the brush so the glitter would fall on the glue.

I've tried pouring it straight from the little glitter container before and i don't know if it's just me but it made a huuuge mess. It was a little messy even using the brush but not as much as pouring from the container.

When the glitter had completely dried I brushed off the excess with the fluffy brush, then added some candles and... Ta-Daa! Very easy and quick (it probably took me under 30 minutes to make these).

PS. I took most of the pictures already over a week ago ( that's why there's only one candle burning on most of the pictures) but the picture taken in the evening looked best with all the candles burning :))

I hope you're enjoying December, I know I sure am :))