Monday, March 10, 2014

Super Chunky Knitted Pillow

So I'm trying to get all these posts done that have been postponed so many times that it's been already months since I actually created these things ;P. Well what can you do when life gets in the way :))
One of those things is this super-duper-mega-├╝per-(insert some other extreme adjective here)-chunky knitted pillow(case) I made.
I got some really chunky yard from my mum and decided to make a pillow out of it.
The design is actually really easy and I didn't follow any particular pattern. I just knew that I wanted there to be knitted cables in various sizes on it. And that's basically what I created.

I tried to make a printable pattern if anybody would happen to be interested. Since this is the first time I've done this it might not be perfect but I tried my best to make it clear :)) I knitted a piece that was approximately 30 cm wide and 95 cm long repeating this pattern.

Then I folded the piece lengthwise so that the ends would overlap approximately 5cm at the top. I sewed the sides together using instructions from this tutorial on YouTube. After that i sewed on the buttons, inserted the pillow and that's it :))

It was a pretty quick project to make since the yarn was so thick and the needles were also huge (10mm ones). The only problem right now is that the buttons are too small for the button holes because I used the biggest buttons I had lying around which clearly weren't big enough since the buttons keep slipping open ;P I should really get some bigger buttons... I probably some point...if I remember ;P


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