Friday, May 9, 2014

Once Upon a Time There Was a Ceramics Class

So here's the post about my ceramics class (FINALLY!) or rather the things I made there. Keep in mind this was my first ever experience with clay and nothing came out exactly as I had imagined it :D
I really-really enjoyed the class and I will definitely take another ceramics class in the (hopefully) near future :))


 This was literally one of the two first things i made in the class, it was meant to be a cookie jar.... looks more like a vase ;D

 This was also one of the first things I made
 I made a very....umm...artistic tray ;D

 A coffee mug for my lovely hubby :))

A bowl with some stamps pressed in the center

 ...for fruits, cookies, chips, candy....all the things I love

Plate for serving all kinds of yummy stuff

 And also a couple of love-mugs :))

This wasn't my idea (although i wish it had been), I saw a picture of similar mugs on Pinterest and got inspired :))

Like I said already, i really loved that course, so I definitely have to take up ceramics again at some point.

Hope you're having an awesome day!

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