Monday, June 2, 2014

Shady Business

We bought this (Jugend styled?) lamp a couple of years ago from a Fall Market in Tartu. It was put in storage after that since we really didn't have a place to hang it in our apartment back then. But now we have moved and we had a perfect place for it over our dining table. It only had one shade what so ever. At first we thought that maybe we could make it work without the shade, but the light was too harsh and our face ;P

So I searched through my fabrics, found something that i liked and got to work. I tried out a couple of different ways to drape the fabric and decided that the best way was to sew a rectangular piece of fabric to the top rim of the lamp and then gather the fabric at the bottom.

It took some time to sew the fabric to the top since I did it by hand and standing on a chair (since we couldn't be bothered to take the lamp down ;P...which probably would have been easier to do than sew everything while the lamp was hanging..well and learn :D).

I really like the end result (as usually with the projects I show here...the ones I don't like so much don't usually get much broadcast ;P). There is enough light coming through the fabric and the light gets defused nicely around the room.


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