Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Wedding Archives (a.k.a. TWA ) - The Invitations

So it as been ages from my last post and it's for a reason, or couple of reasons. The first reason was school-school-school. I was doing my bachelor thesis and other busy things connected to school and got my bachelor degree in physiotherapy in the spring. So yeeyyy! for that.
But at the same time i was planning our wedding, so very hectic times.
Now we are back from our absolutely fantastic Honeymoon in Croatia (definitely the best place to spend your honeymoon) and i have time to put together some wedding-related posts.
And i decided to start with the invitations.
We had decided to hold the wedding at my parents' country place, so we wanted our invitations to have a rustic feel to them. So we bought some stamps and some stain in two colours - black and red. We wrote the names and addresses with the stamps and made some decorative stamps in the corners of the invitations.

 We had a very multilingual wedding (featured languages were Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and English), so we had to make our invitations in different languages also and "Kutsu" is invitation in Finnish.

We also sealed the envelopes with wax and a heart stamp :)

And my hubby made the cutest how-to-get-there-map ever!!

And a couple of quite bad quality pictures from the night we were making the magic happen.
It was way over midnight when we finished and as you may notice i had my hands (and arms) in the stamp stain ;D

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Alexia said...

Great! And considerate to have a map picturing the wedding places in the invitation envelope. A help to the guests! Nice colours!

Görel said...

The invitation was very very inviting!!! Very nice!