Saturday, June 1, 2013

Granny Square Dress for a Girl

Ok, so I made this pile of granny squares I showed in my previous post...

 And then I started to put them together.I didn't have any specific plan or pattern I just started to crochet the squares together with a slip stitch. I crocheted the shoulder straps and added some buttons for the fasteners.


I also left the back a little bit open and added three buttons there, just to make it easier to put the dress on (it would fit on without the opening also, but it's less fussy like this ;D)

It came out bulkier than I originally planned, I should have used a finer yarn and a smaller hook but then I probably wouldn't have ever finished it (I'm not good with time consuming projects :P).
Maybe I'll be up for the challenge in the future, we'll see :))

I hope everybody is having a wonderful weekend!

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Alexia said...

I love this dress. Not something you see every day - it is something new. I also think linen is a super fabric - it breathes and its durable.