Thursday, November 4, 2010


We don't celebrate Halloween in Estonia much but this was the second year in the row when me and my friends did celebrate it. I always get so exited about theme parties and do  a lot of research. Last year around Halloween i was surfing in youtube and i found this really talented guy (username Petrilude) who is a make-up artist and he also does really scary and freaky looking make-ups for Halloween. So this year i naturally looked him up again and checked if he had posted something new. I found many that i liked and wanted to try to do but the final choice was to use Petriludes zombie tutorial and exposed teeth tutorial. So if you want to know how to do these looks or you need some other makeup tutorials then just click on the links and have a look. And now to the pictures...

First a couple of pictures of making the zombie look..


And the result:

And then some pictures of making the exposed teeth look..

 And the result of that:

And now for my own costume I used Petriludes unzipped tutorialas inspiration and the goal was to be a creepy looking doll.

And the final outcome. This picture was actually taken right before i was going to remove the zipper because it started to annoy me(it was kind of hard to drink and eat with it)

So before we went out to the bar I changed the look a bit. But i looooove the black contact lenses i bought for this look.(my eyes are naturally green)

PS. the looks didn't come out perfect but at least people on the streets were impressed and easy to frighten ;D
PSPS. the pictures ain't very bright and some of them are foggy because i was moving when the picture was taken..sorry about that.
PSPSPS. I made a black dress a couple of weeks ago but i haven't had the chance to take any good pictures of it, but hopefully i will make a post of the dress in the next few days.


kadri said...

sa oled nii nunnu. anteeksi, aga hirmutada mind selline armas näolapp küll ei saa :D kõik tuli eriti ägedalt välja muidu! good job

Leenu said...

heh, i tried my best! ja aitähh :)))