Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the LBD

So i finally managed to ask my fiance to take some pictures of me in the black dress i made.  I used black lace and a random black stretchy material under the lace.
The idea for this dress is actually really old and to be honest me and my best friend already did a very similar dress for a fashion-show-competition-thingy and we gave it to one of our models as a present afterwards. But i liked the dress so very very much that i just had to recreate it, well not the exact same dress, i made some modifications and changes to the original design but the idea is still the same- lots of lace, long sleeves and a turtleneck collar.
And here come the pictures.


 PS. I'm not the best model but because the dress is all black and i wanted you to separate the lace from the black fabric under the lace, i had to put the dress on to take the pictures, otherwise it would have been a big black mess and no lace to see.

Until my next post.


paula said...

Appi kui äge see on!! Sind on küll kuldsete kätega õnnistatud :)

Kas ma saaksin ka ühe sellise? Ainult veidike pikema, mul ei ole sellised jalgu välgutada.

Leenu said...

nii väga tore kui meeldib :))) ja kui kunagi aega saan, siis võib mõelda asja peale ja usu mind, sul on paremad jalad, mida välgutada, pildilt paistab kõik ilusam ;P ja pealegi see ei pidanudki nii lühike tulema, läks nati nihu ;P