Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snowflake curtain

Since it is the beginning of a new (and hopefully a better) year i start by wishing everybody a Very Happy New Year!!
It has been a busy-busy time in school so i haven't had any time to even think about posting something here but now i will.
Although The Holidays are almost over I want to post this Very simple idea to decorate your home for Christmas (perhaps next year)- a snowflake curtain.
The last time i made snowflakes was years ago so i had to look for some tutorials from the internet how to fold and cut the paper that the outcome would be snowflaky..and not blaah-flaky ;D

First take an A4 paper...

Fold it as shown in the picture below..

Cut off the remaining piece of paper
 This is what your paper should look after cutting the extra-part off

Now fold the paper in half as shown in the picture

Now you should be looking at a triangle like the one in the picture below

Now comes hardest part to explain.. you have to fold one side of the triangle little bit over the middle line of the triangle..

...and then do the same to the other side of the triangle, except that if the first side was folded towards yourself then the other side will be folded away from you. So one side will be folded to the front and the other to the back.

Now cut of the two tips...
 ..and snip-snip away.. mine looked this after cutting different shapes into the paper

..And this is what it looked after opening it :)) 

And I made a bunch of them with my boyfriend

And then i just took a needle and some thread and stitched them together to form a "curtain"  and ta-daa a simple way to decorate your home :)

I tried to make different sizes so the outcome wouldn't be so monotone
..And those oranges...just stick a bunch of  cloves into the oranges put a thread around them and let them hang- a nice decoration and an even nicer scent of Christmas :))

I did a lot of Ticklish Fingers stuff for presents this Christmas, hopefully i will get some pictures of them up soonish :))

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Alexia said...

Looks really nice! The oranges spread a marvellous aroma, too. And fine stars!