Saturday, October 13, 2012

Baby Blanket

One of the thing i definitely wanted to make for our little princess was a baby blanket. So I started to look for different inspirational pictures and oh, there were so many sooo cute options but i finally found the picture below on Pinterest and used that for inspiration.

I started to make the blanket when i was pregnant and we didn't yet know if we were expecting a girl or a boy so i made the squares in different colours and when we found out that we're having a girl i used more pink ;D

And this is the blanket after attaching all the squares together and i also made a crochet trim around the blanket for a nice finishing touch.

And here's the blanket in use a few months ago. And isn't that the coolest baby carriage ever, it's the one that my parents got when i was a baby :))

Lots of love!

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