Monday, September 24, 2012

My not so new obsession

I know that Pinterest has been there for quite a long time already and many people have discovered it already but because i'm literally OBSESSED with it i just have to make a post about it.
So Pinterest is a website where you can pin pictures from different websites or blogs or just from other Pinterest users. And the best part is that when you click on the picture you've pinned it opens the page where the picture originates. So you can always find the patterns, tutorials, recipes etc you have pinned.
I used to save pictures on my computer for inspiration and bookmark different websites with tutorials etc, but now i just pin everything to my Pinterest boards.
The bad side about it is that i can spend hours looking through pictures that other people have pinned ;P
If you want to go and check it out just click here.
And if you want to go check out my boards and things i've pinned then click here :))

Just to make it clear i'm in no way sponsored by Pinterest. I just really enjoy using it and find it quite useful for storing inspirational pictures, tutorials etc.
If Pinterest is something new for you, i recommend you to check it out :))
I wish you a beautiful day!!

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