Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flower headbands

Hi everybody!

I decided to make some cute headbands for our little princess. For the band I used some stretchy lace ribbon and also some jersey fabric. I crocheted some of the decorative flowers and stitched together some fabric for the others.

I used THIS pattern to make these small pink flowers. After crocheting them I stitched them on the lace ribbon and voilà the headband is ready :))

For this crochet flower I used the instructions from HERE. I should have dip the flower to water and pin it to let it dry, then it would have stretched a bit and would look more clean and structured like the one in the instructions. I don't mind it looking a bit floppy though ;P I attached a button in the middle of the flower and stitched the whole thing to the charcoal jersey.

For these flowers I just ruffled some lace fabric, attached some white buttons and stitched them to the lace ribbon. I think this is my favorite of the four headbands I made :))

And last but not least for this flower I used some linen fabric (the leftovers from the bridesmaid dresses that I made for our wedding), ruffled it a bit, attached a button (again ;P) and stitched it to the lace ribbon. Note that she is currently eating one of the headbands ;P

I just had to include this picture in the post because she looks so adooorably chubby on this picture ;D

I hope you're having a beautiful day!

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