Thursday, May 2, 2013

Golden Chain Necklace with Minty Accents

I've wanted to make a statement necklace to add some colour and va-va-voom to simple outfits for a while now.

So when I found THIS instruction I got inspired and decided to make something quite similar.

I used a gold chain, some mint green yarn and some green leaf-like beads I got from my cousin years ago.

I thought the colours would be nice for spring and summer

I cut the chain into two pieces and weaved these pieces together with the yarn, leaving the ends quite long. Then I attached the beads with another piece of yarn, again leaving the ends of the yarn quite long.

Lastly I attached some more yarn to both sides of the chain and braided the yarn using THIS instruction.
I think the braid gives the necklace a more finished look.

 I wear a lot of dark clothes so it's nice to brighten up the look with a pop of colour.

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