Friday, April 5, 2013

Crochet Mittens (instructions included)

Ok, so I know I promised you some summery posts but the weather here in Estonia is very reluctant to let go of winter. So when I saw a picture of some crochet mittens then I instantly thought "Why haven't I thought of this?!" and immediately (I literally stood up right away) went to get some yarn from my yarn basket and tried it out. It was super easy, in my opinion easier than knitting a pair of mittens and I've knitted a few pairs in my life ;)
I decided to write down the instructions so anybody who would like to crochet mittens but can't be bothered to invent the pattern themselves can get the instructions here :)) 
I used quite a thick yarn (I didn't have the packaging and info anymore because they were leftovers from previous projects) and a 5.00 mm (European size) hook.

So here we go!

EDIT: Count -chain 3- in the beginning of a row as a dc (so the dc at the end of the row would add up).

Make a magic circle (see video instruction here)
Row 1: Make 10 single crochets(sc) into the magic circle, slip stitch (sl st) in first sc.
Row 2 : Chain 3, *double crochet (dc) in next sc, 2 dc in next sc* ; repeat from * to *,join with sl st (14 dc)
Row 3 : Chain 3, *dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc*; repeat from * to *join with sl st (20 dc)
Rows 4-5 : Chain 3, dc in every dc, join with sl st(20 dc)
Row 6 : Chain 3, *dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc*, repeat from * to *, join with sl st (29 dc)
Rows 7-11. Chain 3, dc in every dc, join with sl st (29 dc)
Row 12: 
*Right hand:Chain 3, dc in next 10 dc, chain (ch) 3, skip 3 dc, dc in next 15 dc, join with sl st
*Left hand: Chain 3, dc in next 15 dc, ch 3, skip 3 dc, dc in next 10 dc, join with sl st

Row 13: Chain 3, dc in next 15 dc, dc in each ch (3 dc), dc in next 11 dc, join with sl st (29 dc)

Rows 14-16: Chain 3, dc in every dc, join with sl st (29 dc)
Row  17: Chain 3, dc in next 4 dc, dc next two stitches together, dc in next 8 dc, dc next two stitches together, dc in next 8 dc, dc next two stitches together, dc in next 2 dc, join with sl st (26 dc)
Rows 18-20: Chain 3, dc in every dc; on last round fasten off.

Attach yarn with a slip stitch to one of the dc in the space for the thumb, chain 3, dc around the edge, join with sl st(12 dc)

Rows 2-3: Chain 3, dc in every dc, join with sl st
Row 4: chain 3, dc in next 2 dc, dc next two stitches together, dc in next 3 dc, dc next two stitches together, dc in remaining two dc, join with sl st (10 dc)
Row 5: Chain 3, now make a cluster stitch (see video instruction here) with all of the remaining stitches and on the last stitch pull the yarn through all of the loops on your needle. 
Side note: I actually put about half of the loops on a safety pin because otherwise it's very difficult to crochet on the last stitches (you'll see what I mean if you try it ;P).

Now just fasten off and hide all the loose ends and you're ready!

I hope these instructions were relatively easy to understand but if have any questions feel free to ask me and I'll do my best to answer you!

Here is my wonderful hubby modelling for me :))

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EDIT: Thank you to a couple of readers for pointing out some errors / confusing parts in the pattern. I've made corrections and hope that it is now easier to understand the instructions :))


Nathalie said...

This pattern is so great! I'll be making a pair for myself today! I'm just a little unsure about the space for the thumb, could you please clarify?
Thanks for such an awesome tutorial!

Leenu said...

Thank you so much for the awesome comment and feedback!
The space for the thumb is left on row 12 (for the right hand for example you first chain 3 and then dc in next 10 dc and then you chain 3- this will create the space for the thumb- and then dc in next 15 dc).
I hope this clarified the instructions :))
Thank you again for the comment and I would very much like to see your version of the crochet mittens when you finish them :))

Nathalie said...

I will post them when I finish them, I haven't started yet because I'm finishing slippers for the kids!
I just wanted to clarify something else, if you don't mind!
In row 2 you said, "*double crochet (dc) in next sc, 2 dc in next sc*"
Does that mean alternatively doing 1 and then 2 double crochet's? Same for row 3? Take turns doing one and then two double crochets in each previous (dc)?
Thank you so much!

Leenu said...

Of course I don't mind :))
And yes, that is exactly what I meant, take turns doing 1dc and then 2dc in each previous dc (or in row 2 it's sc).
I hope they will turn out nice :))

Anonymous said...

I was so excited to find a mitten pattern that actually LOOKS cute! Thanks so much for offering it for free :)

I have one started already and I only found your pattern this morning!

I have come across a few errors in your pattern tho :S (at least I think they're errors...)

row 2. there wont be 14 stitches total as you're working with groups of 3. *1dc then 2dc in next stitch* So it'd be 15 I think.

Row 12. You say to Dc 10 stitches, ch 3, dc in next 15. However, you forgot to mention to skip 3(?) stitches so your thumb will fit!

Row 13. It should be 3dc in ch 3. That's the only way to get the stitch count to 29.

I'm only pointing these out because when I first started crocheting, these lil errors would've confused me like crazy! :D haha

Anonymous said...

I made a few changes, but I finished ONE mitten! It's AWESOME!!! Thanks for this fantastic pattern!!!!!

Leenu said...

Thank you for pointing out some of the errors. Although on row 2 I believe it will be 14 dc as I counted the ch 3 as a dc but began the repetitive part from the next dc(if that makes sense), so the row actually end with making one dc in the previous sc. But I think it would work out just fine either way :))

It's good that you pointed out that I forgot to mention to skip 3 dc on row 12. It was so logical to me that I didn't even realize to mention it ( I will add corrections to the pattern)
On row 13 what I wanted to say is that you should make 1 dc in each one of the ch you made in the previous row. I will try to phrase that better in the instructions.
I'm glad you pointed these things out, i will make corrections.
And I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern and have already finished one mitten!

Nathalie said...

When I tried to make these it ended up turning into a ball I added a pom pom and made it a christmas tree decoration.
I don't know what I might have done wrong to make it pouf out so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this pattern- It was SO EASY! I am working with Lion Brand Homespun yarn, so finding patterns that I can "tweak" is not always easy- this one was easy to make work with the thick yarn (I just skipped your last increase row to avoid having a mitten the size of my thigh!). They really turned out great!

Leenu said...

Nathalie, I really don´t know :/
What kind of yarn were you using, was it similar to the one on the pictures?
But it´s good that you still found a way to use it :))

And thank you for the anonymous person from Lion Brand Homespun yarn for such a positive comment! I really appreciate it!

Jane Cradic said...

Thanks for this great pattern. I made a few adjustments to fit my smaller hand, but it was easy since the patter was so beautifully simple. I will send a pic when I finish the left hand tonight. THANK YOU!!


Leenu said...

Thank You so much, Jane, for the awesome comment!
Every time I get a comment like this, can't stop smiling, these just make my days!! :))
And I would love to see your version of the mittens!