Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Crochet Tezzie Hat

So I know it's quite warm here in Estonia now and this post isn't very relevant anymore but last week it still was kind of cold and that's when I made these two adorable hats. I made one for my little sister and another for my daughter.I found the tutorial for this hat randomly on YouTube and you can also find the written pattern HERE. At first it was kind of difficult to understand the written instructions but the video tutorial really helped and it's actually quite easy to make, at least if you're familiar with crocheting :))
On the right you can see what the bigger one looks like. The yarn was kind of furry and I think that's why the pattern doesn't show off that well, but I it's still cute.

I love the quirky smile she has on this picture ;D

And here is the other one I made for my daughter. I actually ran out of the pink yarn so I made the rim with a light brown colour. I really like pink and brown together so I think it looks good like this.

 If you want you can add a ribbon, to make it even more girly and cute. Please don't mind the funky looking bow, she doesn't really like hats so it was kind of a struggle to get a good decent picture and I couldn't be bothered to fix the bow ;P

 Here's more of the funky bow ;D and a happy baby :))

I hope you enjoyed!

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