Friday, April 12, 2013

Sleeping Bag for Baby Stroller or Car Seat

I saw a picture on Pinterest of a car seat blanket (unfortunately the blog post doesn't exist anmore) and thought it was a great idea. So I made one which can be used for the car seat but also in a baby stroller which has straps.

I used a sleeping bag for babies that I already had at hand (we actually have 3 of those, so I didn't mind making a few alterations to one of them), I also used my rotary cutter, some pins, a water erasable pen and some bias tape.

Firstly I roughly measured how long the cuts have to be for the straps to fit through,  made the markings with my water erasable pen. After this I took my rotary cutter and cut two long slits vertically and one shorter one horizontally (according to the markings I had made previously).

Then I pinned the bias tape all around the sides of the slits.

I also decided to hand stitch the bias tape before sewing it with the machine just because sewing a bias tape is one of the things i don't have the talent for ;P

This is what it looks in our stroller with the straps pulled through the slits.

And this is what it looks  with a baby in the stroller :)) The sleeping bag has a zipper so if she falls asleep we can just zip the sleeping bag up and she's nice and cozy :)) This will definitely get a lot of use from us :))

I wish you a day full of sunshine and positivity!
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